I am

a collector of stories,
an observer of emotions,
an adapter of messages.


From my 3rd grade playground to drive-in concerts today—no matter where I go I love to observe and watch how people interact. Growing up in a large family and surrounded by people, human interactions of all kinds fascinate me — how every detail matters when one person wants to convey the right message to another. My interest in human nature started there and influences my designs to this day. Constant curiosity and love of people and culture are reflected in my design language. 

As a designer, I consider the needs of the audience and how to create targeted impact with appropriate media. I believe each media type affects the message and the shape of the answer to any communication question. This search for the right answers led me to multimedia design.

My name is Demi Lan, a multimedia designer based in Los Angeles.

ArtCenter College of Design
BFA in Graphic Design, focus in Motion Design
Minor in Designmatters: Social Impact and Innovation Design
Entertainment & Social Media Design Intern (09-12.2020)

Freelance Graphic Designer

ArtCenter College of Design/ Designmatters Student Worker

Freelance Graphic Designer

Training Apparel Graphic Design Intern

Stay Curious.
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