Insomniac is an American electronic music event promoter. The company was founded by Pasquale Rotella.
A supportive mobile app and website based on the rebrand of Insomniac to enhance the experience of Insomniac events. Aiming to create a connection between the brand and its audiences from physical experiences to at home concerts.

See Process
The UI design direction is based on the hypothetical rebranding for Insomniac by using the developed form languages and its symbol system. The app will be featuring sync laser light experience, share listen, and community meetup groups.
The landing page is created based on the personal preference selected during the onboarding process so you can get the best recommendation and the newest events available.
Event Meetup Community
A convenient feature for organizing a meetup to go to an event with new people when your friends are busy. This will solve the complicated problem of finding the right company to go to the festival with. The group can be filtered based on your preference in events and music genres so you can meet people who have the same interests as you.
Laser Light Sync
A laser light feature to sync with the third party laser light to take your room environment to the next level when you are enjoying the live stream music. The laser will sync with the laser pattern from the live stream visual to create an immersive experience.
Share Listen
Virtual Concert
It just feels different when you are sharing the music with someone else. The App provides a shared listening feature to allow you to invite your friend to listen to the live stream together.
Interactive Live Stream
To pair with the share listen feature, an unique is created to increase the interactiveness of the overall experience. When you are watching the live stream you can chat, change the laser pattern and even send a laser text message to your friend at the same time. The laser message will be reflected with the sync laser so your friend can see what you have to say in their environment.
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