KIX: Pop-up Experience

This is a sponsor project by Kidspace, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and cultural institution committed to serve the needs and interests of children.
Collaborated with environmental designer Hanmin Ko, the structure design process was equally distributed.
The goal is to design an inclusive and easy to assemble pop-up experience for all kids in the community to learn, play and connect.
See Process
By designing a flexible, swappable panel system that brings a variety of kid-driven hands-on activities to benefit childhood development and social interactions.
The challenge of this project is to match the real life needs and limitations. During the design decisions, we decided to use lightweight recycled wood panels with laminated plastic to be our main material for the structure to cope with different weather circumstances.
With a focus on safety, we designed the structure with a stable 4 corner base, rounded top corners and a strong center pole so it won’t be easily knocked over. Also, all the cutouts are sized with safety concerns for the children’s heads and accessibility for kid’s size wheelchairs so everyone can have the same opportunity to experience.
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