The Jacket

A personal conceptual garment project developed during Adidas internship.
Special thanks to Mark Da Silva, 3D Apparel Designer and Renee Doctolero, Prototype Engineer for helping to make this idea come to life.
To create a smart wearable that provides personal space and a spark of fun in people’s daily life. In this modern society, our everyday life is full of distractions and noises that often make one feel extremely exhausted.
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This project was born on a Friday night, when everyone is out for a party and the bar right under my apartment is getting crowded and noisy as the night goes on. But I just want to stay in my room to read and have a moment for myself. And I think of what if there is a product that can help me to have my serenity wherever I go?
The lights was inspired by the light exhibitions of James Turrell. By using the light therapy implemented in the hood of the Jacket, you can have your personal space wherever you go.
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