The Jacket App

A supportive mobile app for a conceptual smart wearable was designed during Adidas Internship.
The Jacket app is a mobile application that controls The Jacket, a smart wearable which is focused on light therapy. The design aims to create a personal sanctuary in this crowded society by enhancing the experience of personal space, public meditation, and mental health.
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The app will feature customizable light patterns, immersive lighting, music experience, and light meditation. The user will be able to control the implemented color lights in the hood and create personalized light schedules for a better meditation and physical training experience.
Pace and color adjust with heart rate
A light pattern based on your heart beat for you to speed up your heart rate as you desired
Sync Music Beats
with Light
With Spotify you can snycanize your music to the App and set your own light pattern by adjusting the light color, brightness and frequency of the lights.
Customizable light pattern
You can customize your own light pattern and schedule with your favorite music or a meditation time.
Light Timer
A timer that is customized by you with music and light experience.
Light Meditation Courses
Various meditation lessons are provided with the app. You can listen and relax with the light meditation in your hood.
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